Bad blogger…

Yep, I’m officially a bad blogger. Life got busy and I dropped out of blogging for a while. I’ll do my best to get back on the wagon.

I’m reading Lesslie Newbingin’s “The Gospel in a Pluralistic Society” and it is really compelling. The difference between “truth” and “belief” and the process by which “belief” becomes “truth” under certain circumstances. Deep…

For progressive Christians this concept is especially interesting – how do we avoid contextualizing “belief” without dogmatically insisting it is the one and only exclusive “truth?” I’m going to keep reading and thinking on that one.

On an artistic note I’m becoming more and more dissatisfied with film imaging. I’ve been a ardent Leica M6 user for a long time – love the camera (its a lovely tank), love the lenses (smooth and contrasty at the same time) but film is driving me nuts! No matter where I go I’m having trouble with development/scanning. I have a dedicated film scanner but re-scanning film from the lab is a huge hassle, especially if there are a lot of “snaps” that you want to use. Even when I develop my own B&W it can lead to an entire day of scanning. Fortunately the setup only takes a few minutes for each frame and I can continue to work on other things while the scanner does its 5 minute hi-res scan of each frame.

Not sure what I’m going to do here but I do have digital cameras – a Nikon D70s SLR and a compact P&S digital. Not having to scan and retouch every image would be a beautiful thing. But I really love my Leica, it is a piece of art unto itself:



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  1. Gregg,I barely have time to snap pictures with my digital camera and upload them to the blog. Your camera is a great piece of art itself though. Perhaps you could do both. Take the digital camera when you just want some “snapshots” (can a true artist take just snapshots?) and use the Leica when you are taking those artsy-type pix.The 365 Blog project I’ve been doing is interesting. Julie is taking these amazing photographs, while I’m just hoping to pop off a snapshot a day.

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