Long time, no post

I should know better by now, unless I really take the time to blog every day or every-other day, it isn’t going to happen. Like going to the gym or eating healthy, once you fall off the wagon it is hard to get back on.

Lots has happened in the last month, and is partly to blame for my absence. The Oct/Nov issue of UCNews went out and was one of the biggest ever in terms of content and advertising. As of today, it looks like Dec/Jan will be a little lighter.

That’s OK, as much of what I’m trying to do with news at the UCC is move it to online content. The printed paper will continue to play a big role, but there is a lot of news happening between issues, so we’ll try to respond better to that.

(Psss, stay tuned for the debut of the “news portal”…)

Our family continues to live in two cities – me in Cleveland, Jill and Gus in Springboro. (Three cities if you count my kids in Minneapolis…)

It is difficult, especially with a house still on the market during this financial meltdown. Jill and Gus will join me in Cleveland in a few weeks and we’re all looking forward to it. The other house will be closed up and secured so that it is ready for showings.

We bought pumpkins (Gus’ new favorite word!)


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