Why California’s Prop 8 is wrong (VOTE NO!)

Proposition 8 in California seeks to deny marriage rights to same-sex couples; the same rights that have been granted by the state’s Supreme Court.

This state constitutional amendment restricting marriage to a “man and a woman” is wrong on a number of levels – it seeks to reverse a civil right offered by the state Supreme Court, differs with a number of counties and cities, and goes against the philosophical foundations of a free society.

What is most disheartening to me is the activism of the “religious right.” Just another in a long line of evils using religion to justify discrimination.

While the religious right fights to keep the government out of their pulpit (i.e. the “Pulpit Initiative” seeking to endorse candidates despite guidelines regarding separation of church and state), they, in the same breath, seek to have the government enforce morality.

Yet, the Bible is silent about loving, committed, covenantal monogamous same-sex relations. It does denounce many types of flippant and abusive relationships, including relationships based on inequality, deception and dominance – heterosexual and homosexual.

As post-modern Christians we have deconstructed any number of historic social expectations. Family includes extended relationships – from the concept of tribe to the Facebook friend list. Work is considered our life’s activity – not just what we do from 9 to 5. Intimacy is defined as full engagement and disclosure – not just sexual relations – deep friendships count.

The efforts of the religious right to establish “theocratic” rule (of course, they get to decide how God would rule based on their misreading of scripture…) is a misuse of government.

The philosophical principles of enlightened government (constitutional republic as is in the U.S., not a literal democracy as in ancient Greece) say that the government only intercedes when the actions of an individual or group harm or threatens others.

Traffic laws are a good example of this. My car can go about 130 MPH, but I’m restricted to driving it 65 MPH on most highways for the safety of others. Same goes for traffic lights, stop signs, etc.

Another example is welfare assistance. Helping people in need is good for all, it especially helps women and children and is a key factor in reducing crime.

Smoking in enclosed public spaces is yet another example – and one where views have changed over time. Twenty years ago it was not seen as a threat. We know better now and many municipalities and states have banned workplace smoking, including restaurants and bars, for the greater good.

Now, tell me how two loving and committed men or women marrying is a threat to greater society? What ill or danger needs to be controlled by the government? Even if you don’t agree with same-sex marriage (as many historically, and even some today, don’t endorse inter-racial marriage), what threat is that to your family?

As a free people we must allow all sorts of activities that we may not agree with but pose no threat to our freedoms. There is no valid argument explaining how same-sex marriage is a threat, personally or to individual freedoms. It surely need not be legislated on the same level as a drunk driving or kidnapping or unlicensed doctors – obvious and pan-population threats.

Enough for now. JUST VOTE NO on California Proposition 8.

Here is one organization working for a NO on Prop 8 vote along with a promotional video:

If you needed any more proof, here is what the “religious right” proponents of Prop 8 are up to. (Note, this is only for awareness purposes – I’m appalled by the rhetoric of these nuts…)


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