We’ve made it through security in Cleveland, catching an earlier flight to Newark hoping to avoid any snow delays or missing our connection to India.

Our host in India, Dr. Anil Henry, has requested some items and the safest, fastest and cheapest way to get them to NE India is by checking them through in our bags. Here’s a partial list that was posted at travel companion Nate Taylor’s blog: “2, 45 lb. winches, a leaf blower, soccer balls, frisbees, a weed whacker, TONS of silly bands, McDonald’s toys, matchbox cars and assorted other things for the school fair in Mungeli.”

Here’s what $650 of baggage looks like:

India bound - 5 people, 12 bags, 8000 miles




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2 responses to “Baggage!

  1. Valerie

    loved the pictures
    look forward to more blogs from you & Nate.
    you are in our prayers
    safe journey.

    Valerie & Jim

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