Arrival – Mungeli

It took nearly 40 hours, but we’re here in Mungeli, India. The flight here was fine, had to pay another $700 in baggage fees to get our heavy goods transported on this flight too. Still, we know it is amazingly inexpensive and relatively hassle free in comparison to shipping it any other way.

Upon pickup in Mungeli with the representatives from Global Ministries (UCC and Disciples of Christ), we were immediately taken about an hour’s drive to a church dedication. This is a project Dr. Anil Henry has helped support through Global Ministries. The entire community showed up – probably 300 people – for the three hour dedication and lunch that followed.

The UCC/DoC delegates are greeted at the church dedication with a parade of drum, song and dance as they are led to the church site.

Having received fresh flower garlands Kelly, Nate and Dave process to the church with a local school principal.

The bishop of the region continually expressed his thanks to Anil and to the support of Global Ministries. Honors were read, gifts were given, commemorative plaques distributed to all clergy (even me), songs were sung and prayers of dedication were offered.

UCC General Minister and President the Rev. Geoffrey Black received a shawl and blessing from the local bishop.

Following the service everyone enjoyed a community meal of curried chicken and chickpeas. The entire town came out so most but the local officials and visitors ate in a community dining tent.

Community dining following the church dedication.

A few of the dozens of young men in the village who made the post church blessing feast possible.


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  1. Wayne Eastman

    Gregg, Thank you so, so much for the super accounts of your progress, the wonderful pictures and that incredible video of your car ride. Initially I had read Nate’s recap of your ground transportation, but when I saw the video it really made me appreciate Nate’s words so much more. I am glad that you are there and sharing so much. Keep it up as many of us are watching.

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