First Rounds

Upon arriving at the Mungeli Christian Hospital with Anil Henry, we immediately accompanied him on his hospital rounds.

No fan of dipping a toe in the water, Anil showed us a surgical room – with surgery in progress, the maternity ward, the intensive care unit – with a woman preparing for labor, a severe burn victim and several other fairly intense scenes.

While it may seem a bit jarring for those of us who are non-medical field visitors to the hospital, it is daily life for Anil and staff.

Anil says that most of the cases he sees are at the hospital as a last resort. Most of the deliveries are c-section because women don’t come to the hospital until their birthing situation is dire. Other surgeries and medical cases are on an emergency need basis.

Rest assured, the sun will rise on Mungeli Christian Hospital in the morning and there will be more people to care for.

Sunrise over the Mungeli Christian Hospital compound.

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  1. Laurie Henrichsen

    Wow. You really captured the intensity of daily life and the critical role the hospital is filling there, Gregg. I am amazed by Anil and the fact that he can so skillfully and calmly manage that level of intensity on a routine basis while moving progress forward with all the additions he is overseeing.

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