Short Post + Photos

We had a great (and long) day and I need to head to bed soon.

It’s 11:45pm and we need to be up at 2:15am to go on safari. We return from safari about 3:00pm Tuesday and will then immediately drive to the train station to take an 8 hour journey to Bissimkatur (sp?) where Anil’s parents – Veru and Nancy – worked in a hospital. After a day there, we will return to Mungeli via that same 8 hour train ride.

Today we presented the gifts that Avon Lake UCC made possible to the staff of the hospital. They were very excited to receive the tools and medical equipment we packed along.

I went on rounds with Anil and took in his daily routine of medical care and administration. More can be said later, but the work he and Theresa are doing is incredible.

We went into Mungeli in the late morning and bought some things for the school as well as shopped for clothing. Lisa is having a sari tailored and Nate is planning something special with the same tailor.

The afternoon held a wonderful program put on at the Rambo English School, an event they call “Annual Function.” It was an afternoon filled with song and dance and awards for scholars.

Not that we had had enough, the Atlanta group (Landa, Debbie and Diana) are leaving for Delhi tomorrow after two weeks in Mungeli. It is tradition that the departing guest groups throw a dinner party for the hospital and school staff. Over 50 people crowded into Anil and Theresa’s house for karaoke, dance, games, feast, goodbye gifts and well wishes.

Gregg and Anil sing "Ebony and Ivory."

So, it’s nearing midnight and I should really get to bed for a few hours before the alarm rings.

I’ll leave you to check out today’s pictures on Flickr and let them tell the story of the day. Promise to write more soon.



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4 responses to “Short Post + Photos

  1. Marcy

    I gotta know what you’re singing!!!

  2. Mary Elsa

    Gregg, This looks so amazing. Brownie will be tuning in, too.
    Mary Elsa.

  3. Jill

    Like the beard…

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