Not feeling well

With the internet out for a few days and a crazy schedule here at Christian Hosptial, Mungeli it has been tough to find time to write an update. I just looked at the blog and realized the last full update I wrote was on Feb 10 when we returned from Bissamcuttack.

Continuing on Feb 10…

I may have picked up a bit of a stomach bug somewhere along the line and, though I felt a little stomach rumble, it seemed worse once we were able to slow down. I slept most of Thursday afternoon and felt good enough to hang out a bit, get a henna “Mom” tattoo and run into town to have pair of pants hemmed.

Click here for photos!

Shane Roberts drove the moped in and we were mobbed by kids who wanted to buy American dollars. I only had three, but gave them a favorable exchange rate… In addition to visiting the tailor who hemmed my pants on the spot in about 10 minutes for only 10 rupees ($0.25), we visited a jeweler who showed us some pretty things and gave Shane a ring as a gift. Everybody loves Shane!

Tough Guys

Returning from our shopping, we picked up a hand-made sidetable for one of the medical interns and some milk. We must have looked like quite sight – a relatively large white guy on a moped with a relatively skinny white guy holding onto a table, shopping bags, etc. on the back.

I felt pretty bad – heading to bed, stomach churning and a terrible headache.

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