Chapel and interviews!

My morning for delivering the message chapel – Philippians 2:1-5. “Make my joy complete by having the same mind as Christ.”

I get the question, as did the group from Avon Lake UCC, “Why go visit mission partners around the world?” Then follows, “Could you use the money you’re spending on travel for something better?”

We could use the money for something different, but I doubt it would be better. Long gone are the days of people going to visit mission partners and thinking they are “bringing” anything to people in far-off countries. Sure, we brought suitcases full of materials for the hospital and gifts for the school children, but we have received much more than can ever be fit into a suitcase.

We have seen people imitating Christ – the compassionate healer, the passionate teacher, the dedicated friend and the one who saw the needs of the whole person. We have experienced extravagant hospitality and seen the happiness of people dedicated to serving “the least of these” in India. In short, our joy has been made complete.

Following chapel and a snack, we are off to morning rounds again. The malaria patient has made it through the night and is a bit more stable. The boy who had a nasal blockage removed flashes Dr. Henry a smile. The girl with the burns is doing incredibly well. The amputee from last night is conversing with the doctors. The woman who had jaw surgery is trying to move around.


Individually, these are medical cases following a proscribed path for recovery. Collectively – it seems miraculous that so much healing happens so quickly.

I finally get time after rounds to sit down and interview Dr. Teresa Henry, then Anil for a while. I visit Anil’s parents in the physiotherapy room while other Avon Lake UCC folks hang posters around the hospital and help mount winches to the jeeps for use during the muddy season.

Two more surgeries this afternoon before I can get back to interviews. An obstructed prostrate is opened with a minimally invasive resectoscope surgery. Then a large non-healing infection is removed and cleaned from a woman’s leg.

Back from interviews I find that my photos from yesterday are corrupted on the camera card! A few hours later and the purchase of Phoenix Photo Recovery software and I’m back in business – 350 photos restored – WHEW!

Another long day – finally got my interviews! I’m looking forward to a relaxing evening.


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